Jesus heals even union workers


Two guys and a union worker were fishing on a lake one day, when Jesus walked across the water and approached their boat.

When the three astonished men had settled down enough to speak, the first guy asked humbly, “Jesus, I’ve suffered from back pain ever since I began working in the warehouse 18 years ago.  Is there anything you could do to help me?”

“Of course, my son”, said Jesus, and when he touched the man’s back, the man felt relief for the first time in many years.

The second man, who wore very thick glasses with eyesight so bad he could barely see to drive, asked if Jesus could do anything about his poor eyesight.  Jesus smiled, removed the man’s glasses and tossed them in the lake.  When they hit the water, the man’s eyes cleared and he could see everything in crystal clear, vivid colors.


Jesus turned to the union worker, who was bent over and rubbing his knee, and moved towards the man to heal him.  The union man threw up his hands up and cried, “No, don’t touch me!  I’m on long term disability.”


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