Yes sir, I’ve been telling him to slow down for miles


A man and his wife were driving down the road when a cop turns on his lights and  pulls them over.  The cop leans into the window and says to the man, “Sir, did you know that you were speeding?”

The man replies, “No sir, I didn’t know I was speeding.”

The man’s wife leans over and yells, “Yes you did.  You knew you were speeding.  I’ve been telling you to slow down for miles.”

“SHUT UP!” the man says to his wife, “Shut the hell up, just sit back and be quiet.”


The cop says, “Well, since I’ve got you pulled over, did you know that the tag on your license plate is expired?”

“No Sir” the man replies, “I did not know that”

“WHATEVER!”, his wife yells, “I’ve been telling you to go renew that tag for two whole months now!”

“Shut up” the man yells to his wife again!  “Sit back and shut the hell up.  Mind your own damn business!”

Curious, the cop walks over to the woman’s side of the car, leans in, and asks her, “Does your husband always talk to you this way?”

“No” she replies solemnly, ” Only when he’s been drinking!”



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