Health, Fitness, and Beauty Limericks


Health and fitness related limericks:

There once was a lady named Lynn

Who was so uncommonly thin,

that when she assayed


to drink lemonade,

she slipped through the straw and fell in!

By beauty I am not a star.

There are others more handsome by far.

My face I don’t mind it.

because I’m behind it.

It’s the people in front that I jar.

There once was a man named Jim,

Who was so exceedingly slim,

That when he turned sideways

(Even without any hideaways)

You could see no sign of him !

There was a young maiden, a Sioux,

As tempting as fresh honey dew.

She displayed her cute knees

As she strolled past tepees,

And the braves, they all hollered “Woo Woo!”






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