Kid and Children Limericks


There once was a kid named Darren

Who’s room was surprisingly barren

He had no toys

Like all normal boys


But he did believe in sharing

There once was a girl whose name was Jen.


Whose room was as messy as a pig pen

It got so cluttered

She shook and muttered

Oh, but everything blends, AMEN.

There once was a boy from Montreal


Who loved to play basketball

For a team he tried out

But if he made it, I doubt

For you see, he was three feet tall!

There once was a young girl from Crete

who was so exceedingly neat,

when she got out of bed

she stood on her head

to keep from soiling her feet.

There once was a boy named Joe

Who dropped a big brick on his toe

He asked, with a frown,

“Will the swelling go down?”

And the doctor said, “Yes. I think so.”

There once was a monster named Ned

He hid under little kids beds

He laid there all night

Waiting for a big bite

Only to be kicked in the head





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