Sports Limericks


There was a golfer from Verdun

Who was not to be outdone.

To avoid glitches

He carried spare britches


In case he got a hole in one.

It’s hard to suppress Iron Mike’s

Obsession to bite what he likes

So if he’s seen nuthin’ grander

Than the ears of Evander

Then Mike bites if he likes? Yikes!

There was a young man, who loved football,

He was waiting for the NFL to call,

While watching games and drinking beer,

He watched his chin and gut grow near,

And now he’s in no shape to play Foosball

There once was a guy named Matt.

He played with a ball and bat.

When asked why,

He would reply:

“I just wanted to wear my hat”

There was a boy played basketball.

When ever he run he also fall.

He run between the guys.

But his dream never realized.

Because his body was too small.



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