Funny Protest Signs


Protestors with too much time on their hands make signs intended to boldly pronounce their beliefs and grief.  Luckily for us, their signs are quite often funny – sometimes accidentally funny (to the chagrin of the ignorant protestor).  Here’s a collection of real-life protest signs that either intentionally or unintentionally make us laugh.

Note: click the image to view the full-size picture.

Call me terrorist protest sign
We don’t think this terrorist protestor meant this as a “call me” dating advertisement. Or did she?


Down with zippers protest sign
Yea! Down with zippers protest sign!
Funny misspeling on homeschoolers sign
Do homeschoolers not use spellcheckers. Funny homescholers misspelling on protest sign.


I hate crowds sign
I hate crowds protest sign


I'm with stupid sign
I’m with stupid sign turns the message completely around


No illegals - no burritos immigration protest sign
Hey, wait a minute. No illegals, no burritos? Immigration protest sign.


Middle Eastern mumbo jumbo protest sign (it says McDonalds)
Apparently this middle eastern mumbo jumbo translates to McDonalds.


Thank you CNN for letting us know what's happening on Twitter
If it weren’t for CNN, I would have no idea what is happening on Twitter protest sign.


If your beliefs fit on a sign then think harder protest sign
If your beliefs fit on a sign then think harder protest sign


War has never solved anything but...
Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism, war never solved anything.


Where is Obama really from?
Where is Obama really from?


I might disagree with you but I won't step on your head
Little kid holds sign that states the obvious. I might disagree with you but I won’t step on your head!




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