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Life’s short – make fun of it!

Humor has been described as surprise, without threat or promise.  It is when an expected future is replaced with an unexpected future.  The more unexpected, the more humorous.  And when something is humorous, we laugh or smile (which as defined by children, is a "whisper" of a laugh).  Why is this important?  Actually, it’s not but every website has an "About Us" page so we had to fill this in with something…

Funny Grins – thousands of funny jokes, pictures, videos, and forum discussions guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.



Using the Funny Grins Site

Each joke page has several features that make it easy to get around the Funny Grins web site.  The screenshot below illustrates the functions available on the Funny Grins web site.



1 – Immediately below each joke you’ll find several options for sharing the joke via social networking sites, email, or print.  Hover over the image and click to share the page with your friends.

2 – The category (or categories) of the current joke is displayed here.  Click the category to display a list of all jokes in that category.

3 – The category is listed along with the “next” or “previous” joke in that category.  In this example, only the previous joke is show (because we’re at the end of the list of jokes in this category).  You can use these links to easily navigate through all jokes in the category.

4 – Please rate the joke!  The highest rated jokes are shown in the right-hand side of each page.

5 – Public comments can be added to each joke page.


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