Dave’s Wonder Watch

Dave is struggling through the Dallas airport terminal with two huge and obviously heavy suitcases when a man stops him and says “Pardon me, do you have the time?”

Dave sighs, puts down the suitcases and glances at his wrist.  “It’s a quarter to three”, he says.

“Thanks, that’s a pretty fancy watch”, says the man.

Dave smiles. “Yes, I invented it.  Check this out.”, and he shows him a time zone display, not just for every time zone on earth but for the one hundred largest cities.  He hits a few buttons and from inside the watch a voice with a Southwestern accent says “It’s twelve minutes to three, pardner.”  “And listen to this”, says Dave, pushing the code for London, England.  “It’s eleven minutes before ten, old chap”, says a voice with a British accent.  “The voice quality is incredible, isn’t it,” says Dave, “but that’s not all … here’s a street map of Dallas.”  And a tiny but very high-resolution map appears on the screen.  “The flashing dot shows exactly where we are by satellite positioning”, Dave explains …”and if you want to see a larger area, just say aloud ‘Recede’ and the display changes to show the State map of Texas.”

“I can’t believe this” says the man.  “I want to buy your watch.”

“Oh, no,” says Dave, “I’m still working out the bugs … it’s not ready for sale yet, but look at this.”  And he demonstrates the watch’s menu of one hundred Hollywood films, the complete works of Shakespeare, the nine symphonies of Beethoven and the complete works of Mozart played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I’ve gotta have this watch” says the man.  “Name your price.”

“No, sorry,” says Dave, “it’s still not ready.”

“I’ll give you $1000 for it.”

“I’ve already spent more than that developing it.”

“OK, $5000”, says the man.

“But it’s not ready” explains Dave once again.

“Look” says the man, opening his briefcase.  “Here’s $25,000 in hundreds.  Take it or leave it.”

Dave hesitates.  He has only invested about $8000 in time and materials.  With $25,000, he can make another, and add some new features.  “OK, it’s a deal”, says Dave, slipping the watch off his wrist and handing it to the man, as he accepts the packets of bills.

They shake hands and the man starts happily on his way.

“Hey, wait a minute!” calls Dave.

The man turns around warily. Dave points to the two suitcases he had been struggling with to get through the terminal.  “Here,” says Dave, “don’t forget your batteries.”