Transportation Limericks

A man with two chins

Built bicycles for twins

He had on hand

A suitable brand.

Called them Siamese Schwinns.

There was a young boy in my way

Who was always happy and gay

He jumped and he ran

Like a crazy old man

To avoid the fast moving sleigh

There once was a man from mars

who had a knack for selling used cars

he said take this one

and you’ll have lots of fun

except for the trunk full of tar

There was a wee lad from a cold clime

who said “No worries, mate, my driving’s sublime!”

But a dent he did make

when he failed to brake

and now insists speaking in rhyme.

I took a trip on the Titanic

And suddenly became very manic

With icebergs up ahead

“This liner’s”, someone said

“Designed by engineers not pedantic.”

I went to Tibet with my mama

We rode though the mountains on llamas

But I couldn’t wait to get back

To my home where it is flat

On the sunny beach in the Bahamas

There once was a man named Joe

who would ride his bike with Moe

he’d ride all day

and then he would say

hey Moe where now will we go?

There was a young lady named Rhonda

Who sped around in her Honda.

While trying to pass,

She ran out of gas

And now her poor Honda is gonda.

I knew of a hedgehog in Texas

Who purchased a shiny new Lexus

He sped away fast

But he didn’t last

Cuz he was sucked up into a Nexus!