Death, Painful, and Angry Limericks

There once was a consumer named Phil

Who really wanted to kill

A sly young vendor

Who mad him a big spender

And gave him a very large bill.

There was a young man from the Clyde

Who fell down a sewer and died

Along came his brother,

Who fell down another

And now they’re interred side by side!

There once was a fellow named Clyde

who went to a funeral and cried.

When asked who was dead,

he stammered and said

I don’t know, I just came for the ride.


I know a Prince named Will,

Who’s mother has been killed.

Oh, he loved her so,

And with tears he showed,

How truly her love was real.

A kid on a skateboard named Beanie

Raced with a red Lambourgini

He ran out of luck

and into a truck

The pieces they found were quite teeny!