Stomp that lump out of the carpet

A carpet installer decides to take a cigarette break after completing the installation in the first of several rooms he has to do in a newly remodeled home.  He checks his pockets and to his dismay, finds that his cigarettes are missing.  He glanced down and notices a small lump in the recently completed carpet installation.  Not wanting to rip up all that work for a lousy pack of cigarettes he simply walks over and stomps on the lump until it is completely flattened out.  He decides to forgo the break continues on to the other rooms to be carpeted.

At the end of the day he’s completed his work and loading his tools into his trucks when to his surprise, he finds his pack of cigarettes laying on the dashboard of his truck.  At that exact moment, the lady of the house calls out to the workers, “Have any of you seen my parakeet?”