Love, Happiness, and Relationships Limericks

There is this girl we all know.

Who’s more beautiful than fresh fallen snow.

She’s loving and kind,

much better than fine.

She’s one in a trillion or so.

Now there’s this lad named Dave.

Who was quite a witty young knave.

He met this girl,

his head did a twirl.

Now it is her love he doth crave.

What I’m trying to say not very clearly.

Elizabeth, I love you dearly.

Will you be mine,

for all of time?

I mean all this quite sincerely.

There once was a man named Bill Beebee

Who was in love with a girl named Phoebe

He said I must see

what the wedding fee be

Before Phoebe be Phoebe B. Beebee

There once was a chick from 408

She met a guy who asked her for a date.

They wined and they dined,

having a wonderful time,

hoping their new friendship would never abate

There once was a boy named Bill,

who had quite a fancy for Jill,

but like him she did not,

for he was full of snot,

so Bill got nil, and hooked up with Phil!

There once was this guy-DiCaprio

Whose acting was only so-so

He’s cute, he’s so fine

I wish he were mine

To a wedding chapel we would go.

There was a young girl from Oliver,

And all the men did follow her,

Until a guy came along,

And played her his song,

And all the rest quit call’n her.

A young woman who upon her divan

was attacked by a virile young man

“Such excess of passion

is quite out of fashion”

And she fractured his wrist with her fan

The bottle of perfume that Willie sent

Was highly displeasing to Millicent

Her thanks were so cold

They quarrelled, I’m told

Through that silly scent Willie sent Millicent