A World of Warcraft lesson in spelling and grammar

The following chat session was recorded in a World of Warcraft game.  A player asking for help gets a lesson in spelling and grammar.


[Perolex] whispers: can u run me thought a dungeon

To [Perolex]: You didn’t ask properly.

[Perolex] whispers: can u plz run me thought a dungeon

To [Perolex]: Six errors still.

[Perolex] whispers: what

[Perolex] whispers: a lvl like 70 dungeon so I can lvl up

[Perolex] whispers: anyone

To [Perolex]: Here, I’ll get you started.  “U” and “plz” are not words.

[Perolex] whispers: can you please run me tought a dungeon

[Perolex] whispers: thought

[Perolex] whispers: throught

To [Perolex]: There’s an extra letter on the end.

[Perolex] whispers: there is?

To [Perolex]: Mhm.  “Throught” isn’t a word either. 🙁

[Perolex] whispers: can you run me through a dungeon please?

[Perolex] whispers: please

To [Perolex]: Woo, we’re making progress! 🙂 Still two errors though.

[Perolex] whispers: how

To [Perolex]: “Can” is not the correct word.  Yes, I can, meaning I have the ability.  But you seem to be asking if I WILL.

[Perolex] whispers: will you run me through a dungeon please?

To [Perolex]: So close.  Now let’s see that capital letter beginning our sentence.

[Perolex] whispers: Will u run me through a dungeon please

To [Perolex]: Ack, we gained two more errors!  “U” is not a word and we lost our punctuation at the end of our sentence!

[Perolex] whispers: Will you run me through a dungeon please.

To [Perolex]: Veeeery close.  We need different punctuation at the end though.  A period makes the sentence a statement.  You’re asking a question.  So what do we need?

[Perolex] whispers: Will you run me through a please?

To [Perolex]: Bless your heart for sticking with me… we’re missing a noun this time though.  Will I run you through a what, please?

[Perolex] whispers: Will you run me through a dungeon please?

To [Perolex]: Nope, that’s what the dungeon finder is for.  I hope you learned something about spelling and grammar though! 🙂

[Perolex] whispers: f u

Science, Technology and Education Limericks

There once was an old man of Esser,

Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser,

It at last grew so small

He knew nothing at all,

And now he’s a college professor.

There once was a lady, Ilene,


Who liver on distilled kerosene,

But she started absorbin’

A new hydrocarbon

and since then she’d never benzene

I’ve been studying all night and I’m tired,


But I can’t sleep because I’m so wired.

So I’ll play on the net

‘Stead of going to bed,

And my tests will seem a quagmire.

There once was a young man of Trinity


Who found the root infinity.

But the digits

Gave him infinite fidgits,

So he dropped math and took up divinity.

Now if V over P be inverted

And the root of P be inserted

X times into V

The result, QED

Is a relative, Einstein asserted.

There once was a guy named Bret,

Who went on the INTERNET,

And sent an e-mail

to his beloved female

Who never loved him, yet.

A man called Fiddle,you see,

Was a student of divinity.

“When I graduate

‘Twill be my poor fate

To be known as Fiddle D.D.!”





The smartest kid in the class

The teacher asked her students if anyone knew the answer to 2+2, they had three tries or they would not get recess.

The first kid said “Uh, 14?

“No,” the teacher said.

The second kid said “3.8”

“Not quite” the teacher said.

Finally the third kid said “That’s easy, 4”

“Yes, you all get recess now”.

At the playground the kids asked how did he know the answer and he said “It’s all about the Kidneys!” as he pointed to his head.