Super fast chickens

One day Ma an Pa were out for a Sunday drive.  They’re driving along at about 40 mph when Pa hears “cluck, cluck”.  He looks out the window and running beside the car is a chicken.  Pa increases his speed to 60 mph, looks out the window, and the hen is still running alongside the car, not even breaking a sweat.  Pa increases the speed of the car to 80 mph but then the chicken makes a sharp right hand turn into a long driveway.

Pa follows the chicken.  He pulls up outside an old house where there’s an old man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.  He then notices that the chicken has three legs and there are hundreds just like her running around loose in the yard.

Pa asks the old man, “Are these your chickens?”

The old man replies, “They is.”

Pa asks, “Do you breed these chickens?”

The old man spits off the porch and says “I duz.”

Then Pa asks, “Why have they got three legs?”

The old man says, “One leg for me, one for ma, and one for the boy.”

“Oh, I see” says Pa.  Then he asks, “What do they taste like?”

The old man replies, “Wouldn’t know – we’ve never been able to catch one.”